2021 wrap up and priorities for the new year

Highlights from the last year and a quick glimpse into what 2022 has in store

2021 has been quite overwhelming with all the interest we have received from the developer community - thanks a ton to all of you for that! Read below for a quick review of the last year and a short glimpse into 2022.


Highlights of 2021

Product highlights:

  • Fully open-source; from core and admin to starters and design system
  • Created an onboarding flow that gets you up and running with only 2 commands
  • Developing starters that allow you to spin up a full store with a Gatsby or Next.js frontend
  • Building an extensive plugin library with integrations to Stripe, Contentful, Strapi, Algolia, Paypal, and many more
  • Building out our documentation, incl. deployment guides, setup tutorials, plugin guides
  • Migrating the project to Typescript


Community highlights:

  • Growing from 10 to +5,500 GitHub stars since our official launch 6 months ago
  • Launching our community Discord and welcomed ~700 amazing members
  • Hosting our first Hackathon and got 85 contributions to the core project


What is to come in 2022

Medusa 2.0

We aim to launch Medusa 2.0 by the end of Q1. A first core foundation for this will be released with our new Admin dashboard in January. We will share more details about the roadmap as we progress on our Discord.


Doubling down on community:

Hackathon, conferences, merch store, video tutorials, and a heck of a lot more; community is king and we want to give back for all the contributions we have received through many more activities addressed specifically to our community.


Medusa Cloud:

It should not take much to deploy Medusa and although our product will always remain open-source and available for self-hosting, we want to make it a one-click experience to get started with a Medusa store - and don’t worry you will always own the code that powers your store so that when it is time to customize your can quickly take over.


Plenty of exciting things to happen. We cannot wait to show it all to you!

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